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Support and Consultancy

Shareware is a selling model for software, whereby the respective software can be thoroughly tested before purchasing. After a trial period (with account Pro after 100 transactions and/or after 30 days) the user registers with the author by making a payment.

With the very reasonable selling prices of our products, we are sure that you will understand that we cannot carry out consultation and support (except of course in the case of product errors) free of charge. If you wish for competent support and/or consultation, describe your request by using the supportform. Please note that we provide free support for registered users only.

Our consulting team consists of two female and two male specialists from the following fields of activity: Application, trust/accountancy, economical informatics/software development. Therefore you can be 100% sure that you will receive competent advice!

Note: Accsoft Shareware does everything in its power to ensure its programs are error-free. Unfortunately, despite every care taken, it’s still possible that bugs creep in. We apologise for any such inconvenience. Please let us know your observations, experiences and possible malfunctions. We will do everything within our power to include this feedback in our next update.

By the way: Perhaps your concern has already been dealt with in the FAQs.

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